Year 4


This week, I’ve been learning some new skills and have made the Virtual Classroom that you can see above. You can click on different things in our classroom and they will take you to different places. There are lots of clues for our work this week. What will we be learning about?

Last week we finished off the story of Branwen – an important story in the cultural history of Wales but even better than that – a fantastic and imaginative tale of love, heroism and giants – what more could you want?

This week – it’s all about the fairy tales – plus I’ve added in some more physical challenges. Here’s the schedule…


Shwmae Blwyddyn 4 a croeso (welcome) to Week 7 of Lockdown Learning!

This week we will continue the story of Branwen – an important story in the heritage and culture of Wales and a tale that is firing your imaginations! Here’s Aidan Saunders talking about his new version of the story (this is part of Monday’s Literacy lesson).

The full timetable for the week is shown below, but one of the highlights is Empathy Day. Here’s Zanib Mian, the author of class favourite Planet Omar, talking about empathy in her books.

Also this week, I’d like you to develop your green fingers and investigate what seeds need to germinate. Here’s a really fascinating time-lapse video of a bean germinating then growing into a plant.

MONDAY 18 MAY 2020

Shwmae Blwyddyn 4! Here is this week’s timetable:

As you can see, this week we are off to the Hay Festival and we’ll be watching a different author every day. The Hay Festival is a big book festival that normally takes place in Hay on Wye, which is a little town in the south of Powys. It’s all gone digital this year because of the Coronavirus – which means you can see things that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to do!

You can also see that on Friday afternoon we’ll be having a Zoom quiz to celebrate half term. I will email you the details that you will need.

Each afternoon you will be able to choose one of the activities or challenges from the list – there are 8 to choose from this week, and I only really expect you to do 4. I’ve tried to provide a variety of tasks – there’s visual arts, design technology, humanities, digital wellbeing, physical activity, writing tasks and reasoning tasks – surely something for everyone!

The work that’s coming in continues to put a huge smile on my face. Well done to Sophie, Lauren and Isaac for entering this week’s Children’s Laureate Challenge with these imaginative poems and stories on a football theme:

It was fantastic to read your excellent descriptions as a climax to our work on Beowulf. Every one of you should feel proud of your work. Here’s one from Amelia…

We’ve had a lot of fantastic research on mythical monsters. I enjoyed this presentation from Maddie…

Plus, take a look at this drawing from Amber of an Anglo-Saxon king…

I am, of course, enjoying all your work and look forward to celebrating more and more of it every week. If you send me a photo of you working, I can add it to the top of this page. Have a great week!

Mr Fisher

MONDAY 11 MAY 2020

Shwmae Blwyddyn 4! I continue to be in awe of you all as you send me your amazing work. I know it’s hard to stay motivated, but as many of you have said, the work is there to stimulate and entertain just as much as it is to help you learn. I’m hoping it’s enjoyable too – lots of you seem to be having fun with the tasks.

Keep Learning is one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, and I thought I would share some of the work received on this Google Slides task. You can look through these slides and maybe add some of the ideas to your daily routine.

We all seem to be spending a lot more time in front of screens – that’s obviously because you’re having to look at screens to collect your work and hand in your work. Remember that the choice is yours as to HOW you present your work – so if there is an opportunity to work on paper or away from screens, please take it.

This week, we used JAMBOARD for the first time to record our thoughts on how we are using screens…

This Week

This week we will continue our exploration of Anglo Saxon England – through the story of Beowulf. However, we will also turn our attention to Wales and work out what was going on here in the Dark Ages.

In Numeracy we will be focussing on place value, beginning with 4-digit numbers and moving on to 5-digit numbers and negative numbers.

The optional and independent activities and challenges will be available on Google Classroom from Monday afternoon, so you can plan your week yourself. I would really like you to do one of these activities each afternoon.

  • In Science and Technology there will be a shadows experiment.
  • In Expressive Arts, there will be a focussed music activity on pitch.
  • In PE, there will be another challenge from Active Wrexham as well as the Joe Wicks Workouts.
  • In Health and Wellbeing we will go a bit further on screen time!
  • In Humanities there will be a Google Earth Scavenger Hunt.
  • I will also link to the Children’s Laureate weekly challenge.

Here is the schedule for the week:

I hope you enjoy these activities – let me know what you think of them. And know that I am here for you, if and when you need me – just call my name and I’ll be there. Well, you might need to email me or message on Google Classroom –


Shwmae Blwyddyn 4! I hope you are all well and want to thank you for another brilliant week! I have really enjoyed reading your stories, admiring your artwork, studying your solutions and digesting your thoughts and ideas.

One of the optional tasks given over the past two weeks was to use Scratch to make a Chatbot. Here’s one by Isaac. You should be able to click on the robot and give it a go…

There were some amazing stories this week about Extraordinary Creatures. They are so good, they need to be shared. I’ll do that soon. Also this week, we made a padlet on Heroes. You can still add to it, if you would like. This is what it looks like so far.

Made with Padlet

This Week

Every day this week you will have a mental maths activity, a numeracy activity, a literacy activity plus one other optional activity. I have shared a schedule for the week below.

All of the optional activities will be available from Monday afternoon, so you can plan your week yourself.

  • In Science and Technology there will be a light experiment.
  • In Expressive Arts, the activity is to consider ‘Mythological Monsters’, and to respond in music, art, drama, dance or digital media.
  • In PE, there will be a challenge and competition from Active Wrexham as well as the Joe Wicks Workouts.
  • In Health and Wellbeing I will be asking you to consider your screen time!
  • In Humanities we will continue to learn about the Anglo-Saxons, as Beowulf is a story from those times.
  • I will also be sharing some separate reading activities with you.

Most important of all, remember I am here for you all – don’t hesitate to contact me for help, support, or to share comments, suggestions and concerns. My email is

To see last week’s newsletter from Mr Fisher, click here, and to see the one from April 20th, click here.

Our general Home Learning page on this website has been updated to include new resources for wellbeing and physical activity.