Please visit these pages from 20th April, when Mrs Madigan will signpost you to the work she is preparing.

Mrs Madigan, along with the rest of the Foundation Phase team, will be using SeeSaw as the primary means of setting and receiving activities.

You can prepare for the 20th April by downloading SeeSaw on a mobile device.

You will receive a Parentmail in the next two weeks giving you a SeeSaw Class Code. You may already have received it. We recommend you sign in to SeeSaw Class and alert us to any difficulties before 20th April. Please email with any technical or home learning issues.

Here is a video showing how to install the SeeSaw Class app on an apple device:

Here is a video for Android users:

For other Home Learning Help, it’s worth checking our general Home Learning pages on this website.

Mrs Madigan’s Newsletter from 20th March can be accessed below.