Monday 22 June 2020

Dear Parents,

This week we will be focusing on old toys and how toys have changed over the years.

This week’s suggested activities are as follows. As always, everything is optional.

Literacy – Sorting Toys

For this task we are going to be historians and take a trip through time to look at how toys have changed. On Friday we looked at a non-fiction book showing us some toys of the past. Visit Seesaw to look at toys over time and then use these pictures to sort toys between ‘old’ and ‘new’.

Maths Tasks – Lego Blocks

I have created 3 different tasks using Lego on Seesaw. If you don’t have Lego then you can use other blocks or small toys. The activities focus on counting/addition and patterns.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

As we have been looking at how toys have changed I would like to you to find out what toys your mummy and daddy or grandma and grandad used to play with when they were little. You can ask your parents or phone you grandparents and then ask a grown up to help you look up a picture of their toy online. What do you think of their toys? What is the same and what is different compared to your toys?

Creative – Make a Toy

For this activity I would like you have a go at making a traditional toy. You can choose whatever you like and there are lots of ideas online. I have included a few different ideas here such as Spinners, Thaumatrope, and Ball & Cup. There is a template for the Jack in the Box and the Paper Boat as a free resource on Twinkl. I can’t wait to see what toys you decide to make!

Physical – Dough Disco

Dough Disco is something we haven’t done before but it can be a lot of fun and is great for developing our fine motor skills. All you need is a lump of playdough and you can follow along with this video


Using the app we used the other week, you can listen to the following Welsh stories:

  • Y Parti
  • Ble Mae Dicw?

What new words have you learnt?


This week’s letters and sounds have been assigned to you on Seesaw along with some games to play. Please feel free to contact me if you feel the work for your child needs to be adjusted.

Any questions, please get in touch with me on

Take care and thank you again for your support

Mrs Vicki Madigan

Monday 15 June 2020

Dear Parents,

We are entering week 3 of our topic on Toys and I hope that everyone has found something that has interested them so far. I will schedule another Zoom call on Friday and the children can share their creative task with everyone if they wish.

This week’s suggested activities are as follows. As always, everything is optional.

Literacy – My Favourite Toy

On Friday I read you the story of ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes. If you haven’t been able to listen to the story or would like a refresher, I have attached a link here for you to listen to it again.

In the story we meet a little boy called Dave who has a toy dog that he loves more than anything else in the world. Dogger is described as ‘soft’ and brown’. I would like you to choose your most favourite toy and think about what words you can use to describe it. You can think about what your toy looks like, how it feels, how it makes you feel, how your toy behaves when you are playing imaginary games it. Draw your toy on a piece of paper and write your descriptive words around it. You can ask a grown up to write the words down for you and you can try writing a few yourself.

Also, here are some Dogger colouring sheets for you to practice your pencil grip.

Maths Task 1 – Money

This activity is all about role play. In our story we saw Dogger ending up on the Toy Stall at the school fair. I would like you to set up your own toy stall. Choose some toys to sell…what else will you need? You can print off resources from here or make your own signs. 

Once your shop is ready you can take turns to be the shop keeper and the customer. You will need to count out the correct number of coins to pay for different items. If you have siblings, they might like to visit your toy shop as well. Don’t worry about the value of the coins, treat everything as 1p for now.

On Seesaw I have sent you some money problems to try as well if you wish. This is an activity that you can revisit throughout the week, Im sure you will have lots of fun with it!

Creative – Musical Toys

Some of the toys we use make music. If you don’t have any music toys now, you may have had some when you were younger. This week I would like you to make your own musical instrument. There are lots of options for you to choose from and have included some ideas below. 

There are lots of ideas on the internet. I look forward to seeing what you have made.        

Physical – Dance

Here is a video clip of a dance showing a group of toys who come to life.

After you have watched have watched the video I would like you to think about the following:

  • What toys did you see?
  • How did the different toys move?
  • Can you move like a toy soldier, doll, animal, robot?

See if you can be a toy who comes to life and dance along to the music.

PSE – Kindness

In the story Bella was very kind and swapped her new bear so that Dave could have Dogger back. What nice things could Dave do for his sister to say ‘Thank you’ to her?

IT – The Toy Shop

Here is a link for Toy Shop game on Topmarks.

You need to choose the correct money to buy the items form the toy shop. Start by using 1p coins. If you find this too easy, look at using different coins. There are lots of options to choose from.


This week’s letters and sounds have been assigned to you on Seesaw along with some games to play. Please feel free to contact me if you feel the work for your child needs to be adjusted.

Any questions, please get in touch with me on If you have problems accessing resources from the Twinkl website, you can register for free to download their resources.

Take care and thank you again for your support

Mrs Vicki Madigan

Monday 8 June 2020

Dear Parents,

It was lovely to see you all on Friday and have the chance to share your wonderful alien creations with each other. Taking the time to appreciate each other’s work is an important part of our learning and one of the things that is difficult with home schooling. Thank you everyone for sharing your work. 

This week we are continuing with the ‘Toys in Space’ theme and the suggested activities are as follows:

Literacy Task 1 – A Trip into Space

In our story ‘Toys in Space’ the toys were taken up into space. If you remember, we also had the story ‘The Bears Who Stayed Indoors’, and in the book the bears took a trip into space. This week I would like you to imagine that you are taking a trip into space. If you were going on a trip then you would need to make some plans first and think about what you would take with you. This might include things that you would need to survive, items that you want to take with you to make you happy, practical equipment that you think you might need to help you on your adventure. For everything that you choose to pack, think about why you are taking it…what will you use it for?

Once you have planned what you want to take you can either make a list/draw pictures of what you want to pack or you can search for all the items around the house and pack your bag ready to fly into space! To extend this activity further you could use role play to act out your trip into space. Think about what you would see, hear, do. You could use drawings to make a record of your adventure.

Maths Task 1 – Ordinal Numbers

When we are lining up in school we talk about being 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc in the line. We would also use these words if we were talking about if we were talking about where you had finished in a race. For this activity we are going to choose 5 toys and place them in a queue. Can you see which toy is 1st, 3rd etc? If you have some toy cars you could roll them down a ramp and label them 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc in a race. There is also a cut and stick activity on Seesaw using ordinal numbers if you wish.

Maths Task 2 – I Spy

On Seesaw I have posted an ‘I Spy’ activity for you to practise your counting skills and number formations.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Forces

Some of the toys that we play with use forces to make them move. Each time we play with a toy we can either push or pull them to make them move. On Seesaw there is some information to look at on different toys and the forces they use. Can you search around your house for some toys that use forces to move? Do they use push, pull or both? Sort your toys into groups based on the forces they use.

Creative – Painting with Toys

We can use out toys to make different patterns and textures using paint. For this activity I would like you to choose some toys to paint with so you can explore and experiment with the different shapes and patterns you can make. I suggest only using toys that can be easily cleaned and make sure you check that it is ok to use them with a grown up. Some ideas of toys to use are cars, trucks (wheel patterns), figures and dolls (footprints), lego blocks and bricks. This is a chance to be really creative with colours, shapes, patterns, symbols etc.

Physical – Movement

During the final half term we usually cover dance and movement in our PE sessions. The link below is for a podcast for ‘Sticky Kids’. This link is for a workout on YouTube for you to follow.

See if you can follow the routine and keep going until the end. If you enjoyed this there are other Sticky Kids routines available on YouTube that you can have a go at.

Welsh – Story time

I have sent you a story to listen to in Welsh on Seesaw.


This week’s letters and sounds have been assigned to you on Seesaw along with some games to play. Please feel free to contact me if you feel the work for your child needs to be adjusted.

Any questions, please get in touch with me on

Take care and thank you again for your support

Mrs Vicki Madigan

Monday 1 June 2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome back and I hope you managed to enjoy some downtime and sunshine last week. As we are still unsure as to when schools will be reopening I will continue my teaching in the same way as before the break. The children should have received a video message over half term. I explained that the next topic we will be looking at will be Toys. I hope there will be something in this for everyone to enjoy.

This week’s suggested activities are:

Literacy Task 1 – Lost Toys

I would like you to begin by listening to the story ‘Toys in Space’ by Mini Grey. This book will form the basis for many of the activities over the next two weeks.

I would like you imagine how the child would feel when they realised that the toys were missing. How would you feel if one of your toys was lost? I’m sure you would do everything you could to find it again. I would like you to imagine that your favourite toy has gone missing. Can you design a ‘Lost Poster’ to help locate it? You can use this template to help you or create your own.

You will need to think about the information people will need to help you find your toy. What it looks like? What it’s called? How to contact you if they find it. You can try to write some of the words yourself or you can tell a grown up what to write for you.

Maths Task 1 – Block Graph

I have assigned this activity to you on Seesaw.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Rockets

In our story, the toys end up in space. For this task we are going to look at creating a rocket and see if we can make it fly. For this experiment you will need a straw to launch your rocket. Instructions for how to make a straw rocket can be found here:

Once you have designed your rocket, you are ready to launch! Don’t forget you will need a countdown! I would like you to experiment with how you launch your rocket. Does it make a difference how you point your straw? Straight up? At an angle? What happens if you change how hard you blow down the straw? How far can you make it travel? What could you use to measure the distance?

Creative – Alien Invasion

When the toys are taken into space they meet a space creature called ‘Hoctopize’. Hoctopize is quite funny looking. He is described as a glove wearing pyjamas. I would like you to create your own alien that you might come across in space. This alien can be anything you want and you can either draw it, paint it, make a model of it or make it out of play dough, The choice is yours. Be as creative as you can! What will your alien be called…???

PSE – Stealing

In our story, the toys explain to Hoctopize that all the toys he has taken will belong to someone and need to be returned to their real homes. I would like you think about stealing…why is it wrong? How would you feel if someone stole something from you? Do you know what happens if people steal?

There is a book called ‘Ricky Sticky Fingers’ which talk about a boy who likes to take things that don’t belong to him.

This can be a good topic to discuss with young children as often they don’t understand why they can’t take things they want, for example toys from school.


Thank you very much to everyone who provided me with feedback on how their child is doing with the phonics activities. All children will progress at different rates and it is important for me to get a feel for how they are coping with the sounds so far so they are not overloaded. It is more important to be confident with what they know rather than try and give them too much to remember. On Seesaw I have posted new sounds to look at and some online games to practice them.

Independent Learning

As always, allow your child time to explore and make their own decisions about what they would like to do. Sand, water and mud are great in this lovely weather and can be used to build on what we have learnt about capacity. Using their imagination in role play is also very important. They can recreate stories they have heard or make up their own version using props. Could you role play your own journey into space?

Any questions, please get in touch with me on

Take care and thank you.

Mrs Vicki Madigan

Monday 18 May 2020

Dear Parents,

We are into our last week before we take a well-earned break over half term. I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have shown. The standard of learning that I have seen from the children has been truly awesome! These will be our last activities looking at Bears as we will move onto something different after half term.

This week’s suggested activities are:

Literacy Task 1 – Prepositions

Many of you have played Hide and Seek with your bears, thinking about the language we use to describe where the bear is. Here is a link to some teddy bear colouring sheets. In each sheet the bear is in a different position, can you work out what the word is? You can choose which sheets you wish to colour in.

Maths Task 1 – Measuring

I have assigned a measuring activity on Seesaw. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Shadows

This activity does need the sun to be shining. I want you to go outside on a sunny day and see if you can find your shadow. Take a grown up with and look at their shadow – is it the same as yours? What happens if you jump into the air? Can you run away from your shadow? What is creating the shadow? What would happen if the sun went behind a cloud?

Next I would like you to choose some toys that will stand up. Place them on a piece of paper in the sunshine – what can you see on the paper? Use a pen to draw around the outline of their shadow.

Are the shadows the same size as the toys? You can try this experiment at different times of the day and see if the shadows are the same or different. 

We are learning that shadows are created when an object blocks the light. If the sun is not shining you could try this experiment inside with a torch. See how many different shadows you can make.

Creative – Tasty Treats

We always like to finish our topics by enjoying some tasty snacks. This week I want you to see what bear themed snacks you could make. We know sun bears love honey, so you could make some honey on toast. You could add banana and raisons to make it look like a bear…

You might decide to have cheese spread on crackers and make a polar bear… If you wanted a panda you could try creating one using apple and grapes.

You might even decide to do some baking and make teddy bear biscuits or bear paw cookies.

Choose whatever bear themed snack you would like or create one of your own and help a grown up to prepare it. Enjoy!

Physical – Obstacle Course

In our PE sessions we have used different equipment to create obstacle courses. I want you to see if you can build you own obstacle course in the garden. You can use whatever equipment to make your obstacles. Try and make it as interesting as you can. Remember out prepositions that we have looked at….can you go under, over, through, between, around. You could even challenge a sibling or parent to complete your course….who can do it the fastest? You could count to record the time or try using a stopwatch.


There are 2 online games for you to choose from this week. The first one is a counting game where you have to count out the correct number of cakes for Teddy. You can choose the number range you play within.

The second game is looking at comparing size. You can choose to pack the bear’s suitcase or make a picnic for the bears.


For some children phonics is probably the least interesting activity that we do. I have posted some games on Seesaw which hopefully they will enjoy playing. I have not introduced any new sounds this week, please just concentrate on building confidence with the existing sounds and blending them together to read words. Please don’t worry if your child is very resistant to phonics. Just do a little bit whenever they are willing.

Any questions, please get in touch with me on

Take care and thank you.

Mrs Vicki Madigan

Monday 11 May 2020

Dear Parents,

I am so impressed with the level of independent learning that is taking place at home. It is lovely to see how the children are developing their own play using the topic of Bears. Independent play is very important and I am hoping that the children are spending time using their imagination and following their own ideas. This can be associated with Bears or something completely different that take their interest.

This week’s suggested tasks are as follows:

Literacy Task 1

We know the different types of bears have different appearances. They all have 4 legs, fur, paws and claws. I would like to you cut out the labels and stick them next to the correct part of the polar bear.

There is also a pencil control activity to help the Teddy Bear find his way to the picnic.

Remember to make sure you are holding your pencil in a nice firm grip, near the end, with 2 fingers and a thumb.

Maths Task 1 – Count and Record

I have assigned a Maths activity on Seesaw. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Den Building

Last week we looked creating habitats for bears. This week I would like you to build a den for yourself. This can be inside or outside and you can use whatever materials you like but I would like it to be big enough for you to sit inside. When you have built your den this will be the perfect place to play. You can choose toys from your bedroom to take in there. What supplies would you take with you if you were staying the night? Try to make sure your den is sturdy. Would it survive if there was a storm?

Creative – Design a Map

Maps are used to show us where to go and how to find something. Now that you have built your own den, I would like you to draw a map to show other people where they can find it. You will need to have a starting point on it and clearly show the route you need to take. Drawing other features around the den on your map will help people find their way correctly. Can mummy or daddy use your map to find your secret den?

PSE – Making Friends

At the end of the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ you will see that the bear is looking very unhappy.

Bears are often seen as scary animals and when the family discover him they all run away back their house. Imagine how this has made the bear feel? Do you think he is sad? Lonely? Upset? I would like you to think about how you could cheer the bear up. Maybe you could draw him a picture? Make an ‘I’m Sorry’ card? Make it as bright and cheerful as you can.

Physical – Scissor Skills

This link is for a scissor skills activity. There are a series of circles to cut out which can be stuck onto the background to create a scene from the 3 Bears:

Try to cut the circles yourself but a grown up can help you if you are struggling. There is also a Scissor Cutting Skills Booklet if you would prefer:

Or some Summer Themed Cutting Skills Worksheets.


I know many of you enjoyed watching and singing along with the Welsh song ‘Clap, Clap’ that I gave you. This next short song is called ‘Bore Da Ffrinddiau’. I know we are all missing our friends and being in school together. This is a song we can sing when we are all back in class together. You may want to record yourself singing along to it and ask a grown up to send it to one of your friends (if they have their mummy’s mobile number). Another idea could be to arrange to video call someone and you can sing it together. These are just a few suggestions to help us to keep in touch with everyone and something we can do to make each other smile ? 


Phonics should be practiced daily for approximately 10 minutes. On Seesaw I have posted the letters that we are looking at this week along with some on-line games to try and an activity to play outside. If you don’t have time to do these activities then you could spend a couple of minutes before bedtime each day revising the letter sounds we have looked at.

Take care and thank you.

Mrs Vicki Madigan

Monday 4 May 2020

Dear Parents,

Another week packed full of home learning. Please feel free to provide feedback on the activities that I am setting in order to help me balance the needs of children. When working with the children in school, a lot of the activities act as a starting point. From watching and interacting with the children we can decide what to do with them next. I appreciate that everyone is in a different situation and trying to balance home schooling with their own work schedule. Please remember that all the work is optional and designed to give you ideas and starting points for their play. Do not worry about recording everything to send to me if you don’t have the time. Be confident that your children are learning all the time!

This week’s tasks are as follows:

Literacy Task 1 – Teddy Bear Hide and Seek

This activity is all about understanding prepositions. Choose a teddy or toy that you would like to play hide and seek with. Ask mummy or daddy to hide the toy in the house or garden for you to find. They will give you a clue as to where he is and see if you can find him. 

‘He’s hiding under the ….’

Use clue words such under, beside, behind, between, in, on, near.

When you have found the bear a few times, can you hide him and give clues for someone to find him using these words?

Maths Task 1 – Scavenger Hunt

On Seesaw I have assigned you a list of items that you must collect from around the house and garden. See how many of them you can complete!

Upload a picture of your findings onto Seesaw.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Bear’s habitats

When we looked at the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, we saw that the bear lived in a cave. Where else do bears live? I would like you to build a home for a bear. You can choose any type of bear you like. What kind of environment do they live in? You can watch the video from week 1 to remind you of the different habitats. This task is very open-ended and the children are free to use whatever they like to build a home for their bear. Remember you can use items from the garden as well as the home. What will they need? Why have you chosen these items? I would love to see a picture of your bear’s home if you have time.

ICT – Maths

A number ordering game has been assigned to you on Seesaw. This can be played on a computer or tablet so you can practise placing numbers in the correct order.

Creative – Make a Bear

Play dough is great fun to use and also helps to build the strength in your fingers ready for writing.

If you have some play dough at home, can you make a bear from it? If you don’t have any play dough it is very simple to make and I have attached a recipe here.

What shapes will you need to use to make your bear? What type of bear are you going to make? Does your bear have a name? Where might he live? Can you make some food for him?


Phonics should be practiced daily for approximately 10 minutes. On Seesaw I have posted the letters that we are looking at this week along with some game suggestions for you to play. 

Remember that Friday this week is a bank holiday so take some to do something fun together with your family. Looking after ourselves is so important at the moment. There are lots of family films that feature bears in them. You may like to sit down and watch one of them over the weekend. Here are a few suggestions…

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Paddington Bear
  • Toy Story 3
  • Open Season
  • The Jungle Book
  • Kung-Fu Panda

Take care and enjoy the long weekend.

Mrs Vicki Madigan

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