Monday 1 June 2020

Dear Year Two, I hope that you are all well and managing to enjoy being outdoors in this beautiful weather. It’s hard to believe that this is our final half term!

After our successful previous half term I hope that you will enjoy the activities planned. One of these is our topic on The Amazon Rainforest, which I know our children are really looking forward to researching.

Each week, together with spelling, phonics, maths work etc there will be more creative activities related to our topic.

I will suggest a related research activity every week. You can then decide how you want to present this, just as you do in Independent Learning children.

Remember to use all the skills and techniques you know to make your work beautiful. For example you may choose to include headings, subheadings different types of writing like letters, posters, poems etc, drawings, labelled diagrams, graphs, maps, create a dance, do some art or 3D design work… be creative!

At the end of this half term you will have a project to be proud of!

As last half term all the activities will be described each week in detail on SeeSaw.

Try to do some spelling/phonics and maths each day and plan your research for the week to make it as wonderful as you can!

I will keep in contact during the week on SeeSaw and look forward to all responses.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Keep learning, keep happy, keep safe.

Love and best wishes,

Mrs Jane Jones

Monday 4 May 2020

Dear Year Two, I hope that you are all well. Well done to everyone for your hard work. Some of the responses to the different assignments I have set are really gorgeous!

Try to do some phonics/spelling and maths each day, if you can, to keep secure with your numeracy and literacy. Also continue to enjoy reading as often as you can and I have seen some of the wonderful types of daily physical exercise you are doing! Bendigedig! There are also numerous suggested online resources for you to access too.

Please remember that we are a team and I will try and support you with any concerns you have. You can post to me privately on SeeSaw.

I will continue to describe in detail, activities on SeeSaw and hope that you find my letters on the announcements page helpful too.

Thank you all for your continuing support, positive messages and responses.

Sending you my love and best wishes.

Keep learning, keep happy and keep safe,

Mrs Jane Jones

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