Monday 15 June 2020

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all ok. It was lovely to see so many of you on the zoom chat the other week! I think you’ve all got taller, some of you have lost teeth to the tooth fairy and you all look more grown up! I would like to run another zoom chat in the next few weeks….Normally I would say on a Wednesday as I’m in school then, however, I was aware that maybe some of you couldn’t make it on a Wednesday because your parents were busy…..This time I’m going to schedule it for a Friday at 9 am. Please look out for the link on the SeeSaw page.

This week we are going to start to look a plants.  You could  discover, what they look like, what they need to live, their different parts and what they are for or their lifecycle. Maybe you could research the biggest, or the smelliest or nocturnal plants…. the choice is endless and I know you will find out things I don’t know!

In maths we are continuing to work on counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We are noticing odd and even numbers and are using  our number bonds to 10 to solve sums. We are practising identifying half of and double.

In practical maths we are going to look at ‘ capacity’ …it may be an activity to do outside!

I hope you have a lovely week, don’t forget to post what you’ve been doing on SeeSaw!

Sarah Medinger

Monday 18 May 2020

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are all well and have had an enjoyable week!

This week our topic on bugs and insects continues focusing on butterflies. I’ve found a YouTube clip and read a non fiction book to help you…. there are lots of suggestions as to what kind of research you could try out….maybe you could even use google earth and follow a butterfly migration? 

There are some new, and some revision, spellings for this week. I’m trying not to go too fast and give everyone plenty of opportunities to feel confident! Remember to try to use them when you are writing for other reasons, don’t forget your full stops and capital letters too! 

In maths we are continuing to use our knowledge to solve addition and subtraction problems counting forwards and backwards in 1’s 2’s 10’s. We are also reinforcing halving and doubling. As an extra challenge we are starting to think about symmetry ….

Due to its popularity there is another storytime …..there is also an additional story read in Welsh and English by myself and Mrs Jones. We ran out of video time so it’s not quite finished but you know the story really well as it’s one I’ve recorded before! We thought you might like to hear both our voices! 

Don’t forget the books and games on Activelearn and the games and challenges on Sumdog! 

Have a lovely week, I love hearing from you and seeing all the wonderful things you are doing! 

Sarah Medinger

Monday 11 May 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a good week and had a chance to enjoy some of the beautiful weather at the weekend! Thank you for all your wonderful posts it has been fantastic to see all your hard work! It is also lovely for Miss Andrew and I to hear your voices and see your faces when you send your responses it makes us feel like we are still all together! 

This week our topic will be focusing on the bugs and insects that live in your gardens. I have read you a book that explains the differences between bugs and insects and would love to see if you could make a survey of the bugs you can find, or discover if some bugs like different places to live, dark damp places or maybe bright sunny ones? Do all bugs look the same? Do they live together in a group or prefer to be on their own? 

I have put up some more key word and phonic spellings for you to practise. Don’t  forget sumdog has some games to help with these. 

Keep going with your mental maths patterns …. try to use them when you are solving maths addition or subtraction problems. This week our maths is focused on mixed up 10 more 10 less 1 more 1 less. Remember to use a 100 square if you are not sure and practise jumping up and down for a 10 and side to side for counting in 1’s. 

Due to the popularity of ‘ storytime’ last week I have recorded another book… one you have really enjoyed before! It has lots of rhyming words… I wonder if you can guess! 

Don’t forget BBC Bitesize for different activities, there are games and books on Activelearn and Sumdog too! 

As a special request for some stretches that we have tried as a game in PE I have researched a YouTube video called yoga poses for kids: ‘10 yoga poses – Cosmic Kids Yoga Compilation’… it’s quite funny and explains things well, there are lots of animal shapes you can make including a dragonfly, dolphin, eagle and deer…. have a go if you want a new challenge! 

Have a lovely week, keep in touch! 

Sarah Medinger 

Monday 4 May 2020

Hello everyone!

It has been lovely to have so much contact with you all this week through your posts on seesaw. It has been a pleasure to see and hear what you have been doing and has made Miss Andrew and I feel much more involved!
I have set more work for next week, some spellings are new and some are revision, I have tried to mix up how you can complete them a little so there are now “ trash” or “ treasure” activities too. I’m sure you can remember how to sort the words!

In maths I have got more confident with the seesaw app and have tried to make videos explaining how to complete the work……I hope they are helpful! This week we are reinforcing out understanding of tens and units using money and our knowledge of counting in 10s and 1s. I have also tried to explain some games to play using a pack of cards to reinforce number bonds and patterns.

red bird Robin sitting on tree in Park tree

Our topic work is based around a book about robins. I have read it to you and asked you to find out which birds are visiting your gardens….. I am getting better with the videos but they can sometimes be a little wobbly or my dog can bark in the middle!

I am missing storytime so there is a book for you to listen to called Hugless Douglas which I know you enjoy in school.

Have a good week, keep in touch, Miss Andrew and I love to see and hear from you!

Sarah Medinger

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