The Rofft is an excellent place to learn; it is a place of opportunity, innovation and challenge. Technology has a huge role to play in these areas and like many schools we have invested significantly in IT equipment over the past few years. The development of a new learning hub has also been instrumental in integrating a vision to ensure that technology is used purposefully, safely and successfully to motivate pupils and raise standards further.


Year 6 pupils used ‘green screening’ techniques in their Welsh lessons to superimpose themselves onto film footage and photographs. Working in groups, they wrote a script, which was given to the presenter to learn. The producers researched the film footage and photographs. The director filmed using a camcorder to film the presenter in front of a green screen. The film was imported into iMovie on a Mac, where the green screening options were filtered in. An executive producer added music, titles and transitions.

Here is part of a video made by Year 6 featuring green-screen techniques:



Here are some videos made using iMovie on the iPads by Miss Gilpin’s class. The resource was made as part of the pupil’s work on The Celts. Learners searched for the images online and added titles. A voiceover was the key ingredient based on work done in literacy lessons. These links will open in your media player.

Holly’s Celtic iMovie

Chloe’s Celtic iMovie

James’ Celtic iMovie


In the gallery below you can see examples of work created by Reception children using the iOS app ‘Pic Collage’. They took pictures on the iPad and arranged them with text.

  • Pic Collage examples by Reception