National Quality Award Winners

The school has recently been awarded the WNHSS National Quality Award (Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes). We received a visit from two verifiers in late February and recently received the good news.

The award recognises the work of the school and community to embed health and well-being into the environment, the ethos, the curriculum and everyday life of the Rofft. This is a process, led by Mrs R Jones that has been ongoing for ten years. The lead verifier, Mrs Marina Carter, wrote a letter to the school pupils which is on the reverse of this newsletter. She also made this general comment:

“Thank you to everyone at The Rofft who helped to make our NQA visit such a positive and welcoming one. From the moment we entered the school we felt we were in a positive environment, where everyone was working as a team towards the same goals. The health and well-being and the safety of both pupils and staff is a high priority and it is recognised that these are essential for pupils to be happy, challenged, empowered and able to reach their full potential.

I would like to particularly thank the parents, governors and members of the local community who genuinely spoke so highly of the school. Their wonderful responses to my questions reinforced what we had seen and learned during the visit and it was clear they fully support and respect the school values.”

Click below for a copy of the full report.

The Rofft NQA School Report