Year 4 Newsletter 27 April

Shwmae Blwyddyn 4! I hope you are all well and are able to enjoy the sunshine!

First of all I have to say a huge thank you and well done to everyone – pupils and parents for the effort and attention you’ve given the activities this week. I am so pleased with the quality of work that has been pinging into my inbox all week. This definitely needs celebrating, so I made this little video of some of your The Iron Man work… (I made it on Friday, so apologies if you’ve sent work in since then).

It is also true that the Padlet on story openings was amazing. I have to include it here as well:

Made with Padlet

There are also some amazing videos on Flipgrid. I have been enjoying them all. Thank you again.

This Week

Every day this week you will have a mental maths activity, a numeracy activity, a literacy activity plus one other optional activity. I have shared a schedule for the week below.

In our literacy work we will be planning, drafting and writing a story that features an extraordinary creature. That will take 3 days. We will then move on from The Iron Man to another tale of monsters, Beowulf.

In numeracy we will be working on 12 and 24 hour time for a few days, followed by a revision of perimeter.

There will be supplementary activities for Health and Wellbeing, Science and Technology, plus Expressive Arts as well as a numerical reasoning challenge – all of these will fit with our ‘Make Believe’ theme.

Most important of all, remember I am here for you all – don’t hesitate to contact me for help, support, silly questions, to share a joke or a great piece of work. My email is