Hello everyone!

Well done  for completing your first week  of homeschooling. I hope that you and your parents are starting to adjust to the new situation. Myself and Miss Andrew are still missing you all but we are really enjoying seeing the work that you’re doing and videos that you are sending. It helps us feel that we are in contact with you!

Next week we are going to look at ‘Eggs’. I have set a little task to see if you could make an egg out of anything you like. It could be reclaimed materials, sewn,  made out of biscuits, Lego, painted, or even made out of a ball. Or anything else even more inventive that you can think of! Once you’ve made it I’d like you to try and explain to me how you went about it and sequence your instructions so that I would know how to do it myself. If you manage to do all that… maybe you could write a description or  some describing words or video yourself explaining what’s your egg looks like.

I have reset some mental maths following the same patterns as this week also phonic spellings and some keywords. Some of these will be revision as it’s much better to over learn things rather than move on too quickly. Once you have learnt those spellings try to use them when you are writing for other purposes such as the instructions for your egg.

I’ve included some more new interactive games on activelearn and sumdog. I’ve also posted more books on activelearn for you to read at home.
Don’t forget that BBC Bitesize has daily lessons that might be fun! The link is on our general home learning page together with some new physical and wellbeing links.

I hope you have another really productive week and the weather continues to be good!

Please remember this is work for the week and that it can be flexible to fit round your family situation!

Keep in contact and hopefully see you soon! 
Mrs Medinger