Hello Reception parents – on this page you will find an outline of activities I have planned. I am looking forward to seeing your responses on Seesaw.

Miss Gilpin


Using your Active Learn login, I have given a range of phonic activities for children to work through based on their learning so far. The activities are in the form of games to complete. The games can be repeated to practise. Some of these games only take 5 minutes, but the daily repetition will help children to gain confidence.  


Using your Active Learn login, please hear your child read the Bug Club books on your child’s account. 

I have tried to link these with the phonic sounds your child is learning. This is a new system, so please give me feedback through seesaw on how your child manages.

Letter formation

This week can the children practise r, n, m, h  ( There will be a video on seesaw to explain the formation and pencil grip to encourage.)

Children also need to continue to practise writing their name. This could be with pens and pencils, chalk outside, water with paint brushes on the ground.


Children to make a number line from 0-20 and put it up somewhere in the house. It could be as creative or as basic as you like, but it will give the children the chance to see numbers in their environment.

Using  your Active Learn  login, play ordering bunting game and a range of adding games. 

There is also the opportunity to use Maths factor which is concentrating on ordering numbers up to 20. 

Continue to give little maths challenges verbally – if I have 2 sweets and I get given 2 more, how many?

If I have 5 sweets and I take 2 away how many do I have? 

Play with water and different size containers. Which container holds the most and which container holds the least? How many small yoghurt pots can be filled by a milk carton? Change containers for resources you have at home. ( linked to Topic)

Topic (next 2 weeks)

Over the next 2 weeks, our topic will be “The Three Little pigs.”

On the Seesaw activities page, I have put a video of The 3 Little Pigs story for the children to listen to.

Below are some ideas of how children can further their learning through their play experiences. I’ve tried to put a range of activities for a range of skills, hoping there is something there for everyone.  Try to complete 3-4 activities over the next 2 weeks. Take photos, make videos to record and up load  onto Seesaw.

  • Children can look at drawings of pigs and wolves to draw their own pictures. These pictures can then be coloured and cut out and made into stick puppets. (Any stick can be used e.g. from your garden, a walk etc)
  • Using these stick puppets children could role play their own version of the story. They could film a short part of their roleplay and put it on Seesaw for me to see.
  • Children could make a wanted poster for the Wolf. This could be done as a partnership with Mum, Dad or sibling. Encourage children to do some writing.
  • Children can make 3 houses: one made from straw/grass, one made from sticks and one made from bricks (Lego/Duplo/blocks)  Children to guess/predict which will be strongest. They could test this by wafting a piece of paper/card to see which falls over first or by using a hairdryer on a low setting. Discuss what they saw and decide which house was the strongest and why. This is an activity we would have completed in school.
  • Children could design their own “Perfect safe house” for the pigs. This could be made from any resources found at home.(recycling/lego/duplo) Children could also draw their design.  Explain the details of your house on video and record on Seesaw.
  • If you have the printing ability at home, download three little pig colouring pictures. They could also draw their own pictures and colour in.
  • As we all know, the 3 little pigs were very fond of afternoon tea! Create your own afternoon tea using resources you have at home.  
  • Children could make food from playdoh/mud/sand/plastic food you have at home.
  • Children could make real sandwiches, if this suits you better, and have a picnic in garden.
  • Children might even just like to have a bowl of water outside, with different size pouring containers. They could pour tea for the pigs.- linked to Maths
  • Film yourself being the wolf and put it on seesaw for me to see. Who will be the scariest wolf?

“Little pig little pig let me come in”

“Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin”

“Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow your house down”