Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone who has taken to time to upload videos and photographs of the activities you completed last week. It has been lovely to review all of the wonderful learning that has taken place. This week’s tasks are as follows:

Literacy Task 1 – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

The following link is an animated version of the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.

After you have watched the video, can you recall all the different areas the family had to pass through? 

Take a trip around the garden/house and see if you can collect materials to represent some of the landscapes from the story. 

Can you place these in the order that the family passes through them? If possible, make a video where you show me all the different landscapes in the correct order. How would you describe them?

Literacy Task 2 – Letter Hunt

A letter hunt task has been assigned to you in Seesaw. Take photos of your results and upload them to Seesaw in response to this task.

Maths Task 1 – Water Play

Fill a washing up bowl or other large container with water – it may be better to do this in the garden if the weather is nice. Using cups and jugs of different sizes, can you fill them up with different amounts? Can you make a cup that is full/half full/empty? Imagine the 3 Bears were coming round to tea. Can you pour drinks of the correct size for each of them?

If it is available you could try adding food colouring to the water – what changes do you see? 

Maths Task 2 – Nature Shapes

Take a bucket or basket into the garden and see if you can collect some natural objects (sticks, stones, leaves, grass, flowers). Can you use these materials to make some shapes on the floor?

Start making a circle, a square and a triangle. If you are finding this tricky you can ask a grown up to mark the shape on the floor for you to copy using tape or chalk.

If you fancy a challenge you could try and make a semi-circle or a hexagon! How can you describe the shapes you have made? Think about the number of sides and corners they have. Upload some pictures of your creations onto Seesaw.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Explore Ice

One of the most popular bears that children chose to draw last week was the Polar Bear. Think about where they live and what is it like there? Ask a grown up to help you make some ice cubes. We have previously explored ice as part of our Superhero Rescue Mission. Can you remember how we make ice? When your ice is ready, add it to your water tray and watch what happens. Does it float or sink? If you have any animal figures you could add these to the water tray (they don’t have to be polar bears). What does it feel like? How long does it take to melt? How can you make it melt quicker? If you have it, you could add some food colouring to your ice cubes and see happens to the water as they melt.

ICT – Maths

We have been looking at comparing objects by size when we were feeding the 3 Bears. The link here is for a game called ‘Let’s Compare’.

This is an interactive comparison game which focuses on the comparative vocabulary of biggest, smallest, shortest, longest, and tallest. The children can compare the size of objects and animals.

Creative – Binoculars

Now that you have listened to the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ it is time to be an explorer yourself. Every good explorer will need some binoculars. Can you make a pair of binoculars using toilet rolls?

You can decorate these however you wish. When they are finished you will be ready to go bear hunting in your back garden. Can you recall the words from the story to sing as you are hunting? Upload any photos or videos to Seesaw.


The link below is for a Welsh children’s song, ‘Clap, Clap’ on YouTube. The children can listen to this short song as many times as they like, follow the actions and start to join in with the singing. When they are confident and familiar with it, you can upload a video of them onto Seesaw if you wish.


Phonics should be practiced daily for approximately 10 minutes. On Seesaw I have assigned 5 activities to be done, one each morning this week. Any photos or videos of your work can be posted on here too. 

In addition to the above tasks the children should take part in the following every day:

  • Try to get dressed each morning independently
  • Choose a book and share it with an adult. You can read the story to them or they can retell familiar tales to them using the picture prompts.
  • Access this website and choose their favourite songs and rhymes to sing along to
  • Choose a healthy snack to have at break time and help to prepare it.
  • Spend some time getting physical. Each morning the children have been used to joining in with ‘Brain Breaks’ on YouTube. This is something they can continue to do each day for 10 minutes.
  • Spend some time outside. Play in the garden with any toys or equipment, ride a bike, walk the dog, help with the gardening. It is very important to get fresh air every day.
  • Free choice – let the children spend time each day doing activities of their own choosing. Whether they wish to be outside, colouring, puzzles, cars, dolls or play dough, it is important to make their own choices about how they spend their time. Let their interests guide their learning.

Don’t forget to upload your photos and videos onto Seesaw and make use of PicCollage for multiple photos.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Take care,

Mrs Vicki Madigan