Dear Parents

I hope this message finds you all well and you have managed to enjoy some time with each over the Easter break. Each Monday I will be posting a newsletter here, on the Nursery page of the school website. This will give you some suggested activities to complete at home with your child during this period of school closures.

You should have received information regarding the app ‘Seesaw’. Every child in the class has an account set up on this and I have been using it for the past few months to record your child’s work. This is where you can upload the photos or videos of your child completing the tasks I have set. Some tasks may also be set using the app. I will be able to review and comment on what you have been learning at home.

Usually I would spend some time observing the children’s interests and be guided by them when choosing our new topic. Unfortunately this has not been possible this term so I have chosen to learn about ‘Bears’.

This week’s tasks are as follows:

Literacy Task 1

The following video is an introduction to the different types of bears we have around the world. Please watch this video and talk about the different types of bears.

How many bears can you remember?

What do bears like to eat?

Which bear is your favourite?

I would like you to draw a picture of your favourite type of bear. If possible record a video of your child holding their picture and talking about the bear they have drawn. What can you tell me about your bear? You can upload this video to Seesaw.

Literacy Task 2

This task is to complete your 3rd development drawing – a picture of your friend. Think about who you like to play with in school? Who do you miss seeing? Before you start your picture remember what we have talked about when drawing a person…the different body parts to include and what shapes they are. Think about what your friend looks like…hair colour/length, eye colour, clothes. When you have drawn your picture I would like to you talk to an adult about it and they can write down what you tell them next to your picture. Please post a photo of your work on Seesaw when you are finished. 

Maths Task 1

Recall the story ‘The Three Bears’. If you do not have the story at home you can watch a clip of it here

Can you find 3 teddies or toys in your bedroom that are different sizes? Which one would be daddy/mummy/baby?

Using a bowl, a spoon and some porridge oats, can you serve up 3 different sized bowls of porridge and match them to the correct bear. (If you don’t have porridge you can use any dry material such as pasta, rice, lentils or cereal). Post a photo of your sorting on Seesaw. If you are posting more than one photo of the activity, please make a PicCollage of the photos and upload that to Seesaw.

Maths Task 2

The following link contains a 3 Bears Sorting Activity. If you do not have access to a printer, then you can use different sized objects from around the home for sorting.

click on the image to follow the link

Look at all of the bed, bowl and chair sorting cards and talk about what you can see. Using the Bears sorting mat, can you sort them onto the mat by identifying who they belong to? Next use the Goldilocks sorting mat. Recalling the story, can you sort the pictures into things that Goldilocks liked and didn’t like? Post photos of your results on Seesaw.

PSE – Teddy Bears Picnic

Choose some teddies or other toys and set up a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. You could use a plastic tea set if you have one or ask to borrow some suitable items from your kitchen. Think about what you will need for your picnic? This can be an indoor or outdoor picnic. You could do this as part of snack time or lunch time and include some real food. Take some photos of your picnic to share on Seesaw.

Creative – Design a Poster or Invitation

Can you make an invitation or poster to invite your toys to your picnic? Think about the colours you would like to use to make it as bright as possible. Can you draw some of the food that you will have at the picnic? Can you write your name on the invitation? Post of photo of your work on Seesaw.


Phonics should be practiced daily for approximately 10 minutes. On Seesaw I have assigned 5 activities to be done, one each morning this week. Any photos or videos of your work can be posted on here too. The document below gives you all the letters in Phase 2 in order, with the corresponding actions.

In addition to the above tasks the children should take part in the following every day:

  • Try to get dressed each morning independently
  • Choose a book and share it with an adult. You can read the story to them or they can retell familiar tales to them using the picture prompts.
  • Access the following website and choose their favourite songs and rhymes to sing along to
  • Choose a healthy snack to have at break time and help to prepare it.
  • Spend some time getting physical. Each morning the children have been used to joining in with ‘Brain Breaks’ on Youtube. This is something they can continue to do each day for 1ominutes.
  • Spend some time outside. Play in the garden with any toys or equipment, ride a bike, walk the dog, help with the gardening. It is very important to get fresh air every day.
  • Free choice – let the children spend time each day doing activities of their own choosing. Whether they wish to be outside, colouring, puzzles, cars, dolls or play dough, it is important to make their own choices about how they spend their time. Let their interests guide their learning.

If anyone wishes to contact me with any questions regarding these activities or you want to discuss anything with me regarding your child then I can be contacted on the following email address:

Don’t forget to upload your photos and videos onto Seesaw. Please remember that if you have multiple photos of one activity, then use PicCollage to display them before adding it to Seesaw as a single post.

If you are experiencing technical issues with uploading your work you can contact the school for help on